Below The Radar

Below The Radar


Roy Bailey feat. John Kirkpatrick, Martin Simpson, Andy Cutting, Donald Grant, Andy Seward, David Ferrard & Kellie While

Folk songs, traditional or contemporary are a worm’s eye view of the world. They are the expression of ordinary people’s reaction to the world about them. They have always been songs that entertain and/or spread ‘the news’. Crucially, they circulate unhindered by the formulaic demands of a commercial market. Their strength lies in their being outside the mainstream  -  from being 'Below The Radar'


' album so impeccable, it must surely merit consideration as the best thing he's ever done'
(Colin Irwin, fRoots June 2009)

' of the strongest albums of his long and illustrious career'
(Mike Newman, Taplas June 2009)

'...accompanied by ... John Kirkpatrick, Martin Simpson, Andy Cutting, Kellie While and adding Base, Andy Seward... The quality of these musical friends is testament to the respect that Roy commands from his fellow professionals and as listeners we should also thank him for bringing these fine songs to our attention'
(Steve Henderson, Folk North West June 2009)

'Still angry after all these years. For someone in his 74th year who announced his farewell to recording with the Coda album eight years ago, Roy Bailey displays startling vigour as he flies the flag for music of social commentary……’
(4 stars! MOJO August 2009)


  • 01. Road to Dundee
  • 02. How Beautiful Upon the Mountain
  • 03. Anna Mae Listen
  • 04. Gonna Rise Again
  • 05. Timothy Winters
  • 06. Palestine
  • 07. Old Man’s Tale
  • 08. When Johnny Comes Marching Home Listen
  • 09. Friends Like These
  • 10. Handsome Molly
  • 11. Take me out Waltzing Tonight
  • 12. Collateral Damage
  • 13. Visions of our Youth