"Rolling Home" a concert - 50 years/New recordings

Posted Jun 13, 2008

i) A concert to celebrate Roy's 50 years singing folk songs, is being arranged for SUNDAY 19th OCTOBER in the Ballroom of Sheffield City Hall: 'ROY BAILEY - Rolling Home - 50 years of dissent'. The concert will include some of the many friends Roy has made over the years, including: Tony Benn, Martin Simpson, John Kirkpatrick, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, Chumbawumba and introducing a young singer/songwriter, David Ferrard. We're sure there will be a few surprises as well? The concert is being sponsored and promoted by Mrs Casey Music and Brass Tacks Music Agency. Roy is extremely grateful for their active support. Steve Heap of Mrs Casey Music was the sponsor of Roy's very successful 40 year concert in 1998 at the Royal Albert Hall. Anyone who was there will recall that success and we're confident the same successful and enjoyable evening will be had by all at the 50th! See you there? [check the Concert Dates].

ii) Roy has, at last made a start on two new CDs he hopes to release later this year. His grandaughter, Molly Simpson and grandson, Henry Bailey are the inspiration for one of them and a second (for 'grown-ups') resulting from the many songs he has collected since 'Sit Down and Sing' in 2005. To the childrens CD he hopes that family members will contribute, including Martin Simpson, Kit, David and his 7 years old grandaughter, Jessica!! Oher contributions will be from the exceptionally talented John Kirpatrick, Andy Cutting and Andy Seward. Watch this space!