• May The New Year Bring You Freedom, Peacefully ...

    Jan 08, 2019

    Hello everyone, thank you again for all your lovely messages over the past weeks - they have made and continue to make, such a difference to us, Roy's family. 
    Also thank you for your patience if you have been waiting for website orders to be fulfilled - we're finally getting there with catching up with them all now but if you are still waiting for an order from the end of last year, please email kit@martinsimpson.com and your order will be followed up straight away. Huge apologies to those of you who were hoping to be able to buy Roy's CDs before Christmas ... we just couldn't get our heads around it all in time...
    Lovely people have been asking how they can purchase Roy's CDs from now on and we have finally managed to transfer the shop to operating from Martin Simpson's, Simpsonian Music office, so if you were waiting to purchase any of the CDs of Roy's that we have in stock, you can now do so from this website's Shop page as usual. 
    We have lots of the lovely 'Live At Towersey' CDs, 'Business As Usual', 'Below The Radar', Past Masters' and Roy's gorgeous children's album, 'Up The Wooden Hill'. 

    Thanks again and may the New Year bring you freedom, peacefully xx

  • Recent Shop Orders For Roy Bailey CDs

    Dec 17, 2018

    Hello all, we are aware that some of you may still be waiting for CDs etc from Roy's shop that you have put in orders for over the past few weeks. We, Roy's family, are currently in the process of re-configuring the shop so that future orders are dealt with through Martin Simpson's website, but in the meantime if you would forward any PayPal receipts for your recent order to info@martinsimpson.com, we will do our best to fulfill as soon as possible those orders that have been unavoidably delayed.

    We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused and are very grateful for your patience at this difficult time. We will do our best to get everything out to you as quickly as possible.

  • A message from Roy's family

    Nov 20, 2018

    Many of you will know that Roy has struggled with heart failure for over 30 years. Sadly today his condition finally claimed him. His last few days were peaceful and filled with love, family and friends whilst being cared for by the amazing folk at St. Luke's hospice in Sheffield.

    Professor Roy Bailey – a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend, singer, academic and humanitarian – 1935 - 2018

  • NewsletterBlog 2017

    Dec 08, 2017

    Roy has put his Newsletter/Blog on to this web page (click on Blog) because he doesn't trust his Mail list efforts at the moment. We're not even sure he has succeded in doing this. So please have a read on this site! Good luck.

  • SHOP Info

    Dec 05, 2016

    Newcomers and existing ones, please note that a number of past CDs are NO LONGER AVAILABLE as items to buy from the Shop. Please read the notes associated with the CDs. They are now available as online downloads only from iTunes, Spotify and other Online Distributers. Thank you.