Winter 2016/17

Posted Dec 04, 2016

Winter 2016/17

 It has been a year since I last attempted a Newsletter/Blog. 2016 has been a whirlwind of a year, with mindblowing and catastrophic events both in this country and elsewhere. The EU Referendum, the misinformation that that displayed – on all sides – then the vote LEAVE triumphant. From the destruction of David Camaron’s career – he just dissolved into the ether, a bit like the Wicked Witch of the West. [The Wizard of Oz, remember that?] to the harassment of Jeremy Corbyn and the extraordinary attacks on him as leader by other Parliamentary Labour Party members. A challenge to him for the Leadership! He won with an increased majority!

It seems to me Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit it, means chaos and then the extraordinary victory of Donald Trump. I’m speechless and exhausted. There appeared no ‘pause’ in the bewildering and whirling events to ‘get a word in’ before something even more outlandish overwhelmed us! It certainly did for me. I couldn’t keep up, hence no Newsletter/Blog for a year.

More of this later. Meanwhile and by the way, “Wakey! Wakey!” as band leader, Billy Cotton used to say, here’s the good news, I recorded a live concert at Towersey Festival, 2015 and released it as a CD at Towersey Festival 2016. I think it’s great and I’m more than delighted with it. [Please excuse my enthusiam. I know you’ll make your own decisions about it.]  Here are links to reviews, I hope they work: 




You can get this from any good record shop (tell them it is distributed by Proper Music)  or direct from Fuse Records at [just click on Shop]

The complexity our withdrawal from European Union as presented to the current Government, is somewhat overwhelming! The endless discussion of the reason for the success of Brexit. That’s still going on some 5/6 months after the vote. The challenge to Jeremony on the stated grounds that he can’t win the next Parliamentary Election. The disrespect and continual assertion of this, is likely to be a self-fullfilling prophecy. It appears to me that he has remained a member of the House of Commons for more years than most, which suggests he has won a few elections; he won the Labour Leadership through an election; as I recall since being elected Leader, every by-election the Labour party has fought, Labour has won (I think?) He won the Labour Leadership election [second time round,] as I pointed out above, with an increased majority.

This means for me, the Party should be asserting and re-asserting his record! Not repeating their own mantra “Jeremy can’t win the next election”. That’s the secret of influencing public perception. Given time, Labour could become an unstoppable force to match the enthusiasm of the fantastic & growing energy of the Party Membership, the largest political party membership in the UK; greater than the rest of the UK’s parties put together and the largest formal political party force in Europe! The turmoil inflicted by the old guard of Labour and some new & politically naïve PLP members could result in the demise of the party, not Corbyn and those loyal to him and to the membership, which ensured their current position. De-selection is a perfectly respectable and democratic possibility of dealing with those who remain unable to accept the decisions of the Party membership and the chosen leader. I suggest stop demonising those who remain true to their Socialist principles. The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party. Ask Keir Hardy! Now, where was ! ……?

The election of Donald Trump as President-elect and soon to be President in the USA is very scary for me. But there’s little point in my entering that debate – that’s for the American people. I can only hope. Hope that once President, Trump changes his tune and/or there is a significant number of Repuplican Senators and Congress members to control the excesses of his policy declarations!  I keep getting emails from American friends telling me ever more frightening Trump views and appointments that are too scary for words!

Those who are likely recipients of this Newsletter/Blog, I suspect, mostly agree with my views and I hesitate to enter, what I’ve heard called “the Echo Chamber” of Social Media. We shall see & experience soon enough how the US election of President Trump plays out. This doesn’t mean I won’t be huffing and puffing and letting people know my views as the River flows on!  Just one more observation and then I really will shut up! I understand Hilary Clinton obtained 2,000,000+ more votes than Trump! This morning (28/11/2016) the BBC news reads as follows: US President-elect Donald Trump has asserted he won the popular vote on 8 November "if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally"…it goes on: The Republican, who won the all-important electoral college count, offered no evidence to back his claim. (  

I understand the Electoral College system of voting for the Senate and the Congress when States of the Union differ so considerably in population size.  But when just 2 people seek the single office of the President of the whole country?  You decide which is the more appropriate system?

I’m doing a lot less touring these days, I’m happy even with one concert a month I suppose but I’m keen to continue singing while I can. This weekend I’ll be at the Cellar Upstairs Folk Club at Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8JR  info: 0207 281 7700. [NB It's over now cos I'm back home but it was a fine evening.]

Finally, I wish you all a very merry winter solstice and a happy new year. Don’t worry (too much) and as Tony used to tell me: “There is no final defeat as there is no final victory.”  Keep singing!


Roy x


November 2016