A Brief Blog - May 2013

Posted Jun 11, 2013

Hello everybody….. here I am again! Not too happy as age seems to be rushing at me these days. Well nonetheless, I do have something I want to say… so, here goes!

I’ve gone digital! By this I mean all my currently available CDs are now on iTunes, and probably other outlets. I’m delighted with this and my thanks to Ich Mowatt of Sounding Post Studios in Nottingham for doing the work. I admit to not understanding the process at all but Ich has taken all I’ve recorded as CDs and made the tracks (i.e. individual songs) available on-line. The whole CD may be bought or just tracks of choice. Now this is magic to me … but there they are! I hope they stay there for more years than I do… they are a sort of legacy, just in case people have an interest in what I did, as far as recording is concerned, at least! The following CDs are there:


All Fuse Records :-

 Children's CDs (of ALL ages!)

'Why Does it Have to be Me?' CFCD396

'Up the Wooden Hill'  CFCD170201

'Tomorrow'   CFCD 408


Grown-Up’s CD (So called!)s:

‘New Bell Wake’   CFCD262

‘Never Leave a Story Unsung’  CFCD398

‘What You Do With What You’ve Got'  CFCD399

‘Business as Usual’  CFCD400

‘New Directions in the Old’   CFCD402

‘Past Masters’   CFCD403

‘Coda’  CFCD404

‘Writing on the Wall’ (+Tony Benn)    CFCD405

‘Sit Down and Sing’    CFCD406

‘Below the Radar’   CFCD407


I’m pleased that ‘New Bell Wake’ and ‘Never Leave A Story Unsung’ are there. As CDs, they’ve been unavailable for some time now and plenty of people have been asking after them. So if you’re one of these, then there they are again…. At last.

I even listened to a few tracks and I must say…. I think I’ve sung some great songs over the past 30/40 years or so. I hope to get the old vinyl digitalised soon then I’ll be singing forever!  If you go to either Spotify or iTunes you can see what’s what!

If you do…. I hope you enjoy it.

Do me a favour please…. Will you tell your friends and anyone else you can think of. I don’t have no big organisation to back or promote me – the BBC does it’s best to ignore me… so every little helps. One friend has said he’ll put a link on Facebook. Sounds good to me. I’ll try it myself. [Get David to explain how to do that!]

Finally for now, I have to tell you I’m feeling sorry for myself. My multi-pill/drug regime has gone awry and stuff is going wrong all the time. After a whirlwind of changes last week I am now suffering from some kind of kidney problem which I don’t understand.  I do know it is keeping me very low in spirits at the moment. (I resist the obvious joke.)  Like the song says, I will survive!

This short note has taken a long time to write. I haven’t had the energy. Hopefully, I’ll start getting angry again soon.

Wish me luck!

Roy Bailey


Sheffield   -  May 27th 2013