Spring Note

Posted Feb 25, 2013

Spring Note  -  2013 

It is with real sadness I have to apologise to anyone who has bought tickets for “The Writing on the Wall” due on March 9th   in Cambridge. Tony is currently in hospital under observation as a result of a fall two weeks ago. He remains in hospital while anaemia and pneumonia are being treated.  I am sure everyone will understand and would wish him well. I apologise particularly to Simon Baker who has been trying to promote this concert for such a long time. This is his second effort to get our programme to Cambridge! 

I ought to warn those of you who have bought tickets for the show in London on March 14th at Kings Place on York Way, there is a threat to this date also. The promotions people at Kings Place have kindly indicated that we needn’t decide this at the moment.  We are grateful for that decision and accept that if we still are uncertain a week or so prior to the 14th we would have to decide we could not ‘go on’ and would also need to cancel that show.  I had hoped that Tony and I might ‘vacate’ the London scene with this show at the Kings Place evening and I know I speak for Tony of our genuine disappointment if we cannot do this. 

My worry and concern is not so much for our show but for Tony’s recovery and well-being. We have been friends for more than 36 years. He has been an inspiration to me. He has, without knowing it, advised me as I listen to his words of common sense and his  humanitarian socialism. His extraordinary optimism is something I try to emulate but admit, often, fail to sustain! However, it is within a spirit of optimism that I hope to see many of you at the Kings Place on Thursday, March 14th.

Once again, humble apologies to the Cambridge ticket holders. 

Peace and love (and an end to this cruel Coalition Government!) 

Roy Bailey    -    February 23rd  2013