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Posted Sep 07, 2011

I'm feeling pretty exhausted at the moment. I have to remember I'm no spring chicken and rushing around the country is now hard work for me. The traffic is so heavy and unfortunately, quite aggressive. Still, I survived - from Sidmouth to Wickham to Broadstairs to Saltburn ... a brief rest ... and then Towersey. I have to admit I love performing. Audiences were very generous and I am very grateful - THANK YOU all of you. At Towersey at the annual Monday afternoon concert, David Ferrard joined me for a couple of songs and he was really well received. Some of you commented how this spot was especially enjoyed. Having The Spooky Men's Chorale as a 'backing group' was fantastic. I thought it would be fun to have them sing the chorus to Leon Rosselson's 'You Need Skin'. They were wonderful - these big bush men from the Blue Mountains singing this particular song seemed so incongruous and yet so delightful. Kate Rowe, also from OZ joined us and we sang Les Barker's 'Ben Kanobi' shanty. We finished off with John Tams' 'Rolling Home' - it seems at Towersey I can't get away without singing this. 

Things are a litle quieter now but still I find myself doing too much driving! This weekend (Sept 10th) I'm in Liverpool at the new Radical Club in Studio 2 of Parr Street Studios. Then its two concerts with Tony Benn. I'm looking forward to all of these but I am especially excited about the London concert on 16th Sept at The Kings Place on York Way.  I'm nervous in case no one comes but I can't do anything about that except cross my fingers!!  So, hopefully, see some of you there? [See Live Dates].

Finally, I think I'm being asked to sing at the demonstration in Trafalgar Square on October 8th. This event is being organised by the Stop the War Coalition. If you can possibly make it, please do so. I think it is important to get out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. We are part of the problem and certainly not the solution, to these countries woes.

Best wishes  -  Roy