August 2011

Posted Aug 04, 2011

 This is not really a proper Newsletter – I just wanted everyone to know a couple of things: 


    1. I’ve got a NEW web page (you clearly know this!) and it is now ‘up-and-running’ (you know this as well. I’m nervous in an eager sort of way. I think it looks great and is easy to negotiate or perhaps, in the patoise of computer experts, navigate. Please take a look, I think (hope) you’ll like it too! I’m on the road quite a bit during these first two weeks of August – Sidmouth, Wickham, Broadstairs and Saltburn  but after the 15th I can relax till the end of the month. Then it’s Towersey at the Bank Holiday. If you’ve managed to see the page and like it, please let me know. If you don’t …. ?


    1. I’m really excited about my solo concert at The Kings Place, the fairly new venue on York Way, near Kings Cross train station, in London. For your Sat Navs the post code is: N1 9AG although public transport makes more sense in the heart of London! My chamber music and folk music friends, who have played there, tell me it has a great acoustic and is a really prime venue. If you are able and are free on Friday 16th September, it would be great to see some of you there. It’s not a huge space so seats are restricted. If you are able to come I suggest you book as soon as possible.


  1. And finally, I’m about to attempt my first live radio presentation of tracks of some of my favourite folk music.  I’m hoping this will be on Friday 19th August on Sheffield Live radio station - 93.2fm. I’ve chosen tracks by some of the many wonderfully talented people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting from around the world and regard as friends. I hope you enjoy the programme, if you manage to listen to it.

I hope you’re having a great summer. I am! I just got back from Sidmouth where Tony Benn and I presented our programme “The Writing on the Wall”. I think it was a success judging by the standing ovation we received from nearly 1200 people. I then did a family concert with John Kirkpatrick. He was wonderful. I was very tired.  I think we managed to entertain the children and most of the grown-ups as well. Then it’s…. (see para 1). Alternatively, you could view my itinerary, now labelled: ‘Live Dates’ on this, my NEW web page! 

Best wishes – Roy

I’m sleepy … zzzzzzzzzzzz