Newsletter Extra – November 2010

Posted Dec 08, 2010

Hey Everyone….. I didn’t think I’d write another one of these before the New Year but here I am almost buried in almost twenty four inches of snow (Honestly. It’s fantastic!) and I am not going anywhere. So… I thought I’d write a brief Newsletter and surprise you all!

I’ve had some brilliant concerts lately. My heartfelt thanks to Paddy Bort and the Edinburgh Folk Club. The concert  they organised for my 75th  Birthday was amazing. I was honoured by contributions from David Ferrard, Karine Polwart and Dick Gaughan. I was really moved by their generosity and their singing and playing. ‘Thank you’ seems so inadequate!  The  ‘Just Roy Bailey’ concert at the Memorial Hall in Sheffield was wonderful. I was worried and anxious about the evening because it was Halloween and there were family parties and public events in the city – people won’t come I thought. My own family had parties for the grandchildren and couldn’t come. None of us realised the date and the clash of ‘stuff’ that would result. In the event we had a very good crowd of nearly 300. People travelled from around the country to come, from Buckinghamshire, Essex, Lancashire and Oxfordshire. WOW! We had a great time – I certainly enjoyed myself. Then there were folk club evenings at clubs in Liverpool and Southport and Kiveton (nr Sheffield)…… fantastic! My thanks to all involved. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I think I’ll go on singing till I drop!  My final concert for this year will be at the National Forest Folk Club, the Moira Miners Welfare, Moira, nr Ashby de La Zouche DE12 6BP . It is with Tony Benn and doing our programme: The Writing on the Wall.

Christmas approaches and our thoughts turn to families and celebrations, going for walks in the snow, turkeys and Christmas puddings – not to mention family crises and kids arguing, grown-ups having ‘words’….. and more? So, at this time I wonder, perhaps it’s time to remind people about a wonderful new CD for everyone to listen to and sing-along with. Yes…. it’s title:  TOMORROW.  There’s still time for a stocking filla……Just thought I’d mention it………. Sorry!  Got a lovely review in the journal, English Dance and Song, Winter Edition, which closed with an observation by Theo Norman-Nott (5yrs) "that music makes me feel like getting in a bath and floating around the world."  Wonderful! Thank you Theo.

Quite a few things are appearing in the diary for next year so I hope to see some of you.  My first concert in the New Year is at Celtic Connections in Glasgow. It will be a concert on January 28th to celebrate the life of Alistair Hulett.  I’ll be joining Dick Gaughan, Karine Polwart, Rory McCleod, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan at St Andrews in the Square, 7.30pm. I first met Alistair at the Australian National Folk Festival in Adelaide in 1991. We became firm friends. He was a great songwriter and over the intervening years I have recorded four of his songs: He Fades Away, A Migrants Lullaby, Suicide Town and When the Small Birds Start Leaving. If you can make it you’ll be most welcome to join in this tribute to a fine artist and a truly gentle man. 

Many festivals are being written into the diary including, Gosport/Fareham, Sidmouth, Wickham, Broadstairs, Towersey, Fylde, Stratford and possibly Saltburn. I really enjoy festivals cos I get a chance to meet and talk with many people over the day or so I’m there. There’ll be many clubs in the course of the year too, so hopefully we will meet. Do come and say hello!

Have a wonderful Winter Solstice and a healthy and peaceful New Year. Try to forget about this dreadful ConDem Coalition for a few days at least but don’t forget their victims!