Tomorrow – now in production

Posted Jul 31, 2010

It's done! It's gone to be manufactured! The new recording for my grand children and your grandchildren and everybody's grandchildren, everywhere!  It has been a marvellous journey. I promised to make this, initiately, when Molly was born (2005) but in my usual mixture of inertia and distraction  nothing happened... well, that's not quite true cos I did manage to produce 'Below the Radar' in the meantime. I think the general emotional tiredness that follows the creative and subsequent release and promotional effort of that CD, resulted in the inertia. I dunno! Anyway, it is now complete and I'm feeling really pleased with the result. The usual suspects joined me in the recording for which I am truly grateful: John Kirkpatrick, Martin Simpson, Andy Cutting and Andy Seward. But Chris Coe with her Hammer Dulcimer added the sound I wanted with wonderful playing. In fact everyone played with energy, creativity and awesome skill. I include in this my son David who I asked to play guitar for his mum (Val) and me on one of the tracks.  I also managed to get Jessica (eldest granddaughter 9 yrs old!) to open the CD by singing with me. She does so beautifully I think! She was excited to sing for her brother, Henry, and her cousin, Molly and did so with quiet assurance, if a bit giggly at times! Actually, we both found ourselves giggling as we worked together on the track - it was great fun!

I'm also delighted to include a song written by Kit, our daughter and Molly's mum. She wrote 'Molly's Garden', a few years ago and I heard her singing it around the house. Soon everyone began singing it, including Molly! I'm sure you'll like the song and it won't be long before you'll be joining in the chorus at least, yourself.  I hope it will be ready by August Bank Holiday weekend. I hope to launch it at my afternoon concert on Monday 29th!

I have to tell you that David has created a truly beautiful cover design and if I knew how to do it I'd include it here but I don't!  It will, however, soon be on the 'Music' page when I manage to get my friend, Chris, to do it for me!  We all have to be patient - I'm terrible at this. I'm an 'instant gratification' personality.  Aaagh!  See you somewhere, soon I hope?