Posted Nov 16, 2009

I seem always to begin these news updates with an apology for the long delay since the last one and this one is no exception!  I can’t even claim to have been so extraordinarily busy. Indeed, I actually do less now than in previous years. True, I get older and hence a bit slower but that doesn’t even convince me! So …. apologies for the silent phase since … who knows when (that’s rhetorical and doesn’t require an answer.)

‘Below the Radar’ was finally released in April this year. I’m quite pleased with it and it has been reasonably well received with some very decent reviews, for which I’m most grateful (see Front page). I’m also grateful it is selling well.  

Working with the wonderful musicians and singers who joined me was really exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of them: John Kirkpatrick; Martin Simpson; Andy Cutting; Andy Seward; Kellie While and David Ferrard. I’ve included two of David’s songs on the recording and had some favourable comments back about them. I think David, as a singer/songwriter is now being recognised beyond his native Scotland and I’m really pleased about that …. in my view he deserves to be! There are 4 songs by Jim Page from the USA. Jim’s ability to comment on contemporary events in song is very powerful and I hope he returns to the UK in the not too distant future for you all to hear him. There are a couple of traditional songs - as well as a few more 

I now have to turn my attention to a CD for my two new grandchildren - well not so new now – Molly Simpson (4yrs) and Henry Bailey (nearly 2yrs). I began this some time ago and have managed to ‘get down’ at least three tracks. That was back last October 2008! For some reason, I ‘froze’ after that and couldn’t find the inspiration to continue. That is passing now and I hope to get into the studio again in January.  I’ll use Greystone Studio again with Andy Seward and some of the usual suspects will, I hope, play for me.

My daughter Kit, is increasingly engaged in working for Smooth Operations, administrating for Martin Simpson, being a mum & raising Molly, as well as developing the important campaign, ‘Folk Against Fascism’. As a result she no longer has the time to remain an agent. Sue Webster at Routes Music has kindly agreed to ‘take me on’. I’m especially grateful to this agency as I’m not looking for too many concerts per month and no big tours, so I’m not really worthwhile to them as an artist on their books. 
‘Folk Against Fascism’ is a campaign that was begun as a reaction to the BNP targetting English folk music as their kind of music. Please go to the website to find out more about this campaign:  

Concerts are coming in for the new year so I hope to continue seeing you. Some of you may remember last October (2008) Mrs Casey Music promoted a concert in the Ballroom at Sheffield City Hall to celebrate my 50 years of singing? It was a great success, so much so that Steve has proposed another concert next year as a 'Just Roy Bailey’ concert. The penciled in date at the moment is Sunday, October 31st. It is still at the to-be-confirmed stage but Steve Heap and Mrs. Casey Music seem confident it will happen. It will again be at Sheffield City Hall, this time in the Memorial Hall. Watch this space!

I often joke about seeing familiar faces in audiences around the country, suggesting I find it stressful. I am only joking but in case anyone’s not sure, let me definitively state how much I appreciate your support and encouragement. I am truly delighted to see you and am grateful for the often not inconsiderable effort you make to get there! When people from Aylesbury turn up in Kendal or people from Coventry in Worksop and, believe it or not, from Seattle to Thame in Oxfordshire …. I am indeed humbled. Thank you, ALL of you.