Some stuff

Posted Jul 02, 2008

Hi everybody....

(i) thought you'd like to know, the concert I thought might happen to mark my 50 years singing folk songs IS happening: Sunday the 19th of October - the day before my 73rd birthday! Mrs Casey Music and Brass Tacks Music Agency have booked the Ballroom at Sheffield City Hall. The flyers are out there and a number of friends have agreed to join me. These include Tony Benn, Chumbawumba, Martin Simpson, John Kirkpatrick, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan and David Ferrard from Edinburgh. David you may not know but he is a good friend and a fine singer/songwriter. He is an Amercian/Scottish individual and as he says "My father gave me my name, my mother gave me my accent"! I think you'll be impressed. I think some other friends may come along but that's not for me to know at the moment!

(ii) I'm having a great summer in spite of the weather which literally blows hot and cold. I've done a number of festivals where I've had a great time so thank you all who came to my concerts at Upton, Shepley, Beverley and elsewhere. Maybe I'll see some others of you at one of the festivals yet to come (see Concert Dates section). 

iii) Tony Benn and I were invited to do our programme 'The Writing on the Wall' in Liverpool, the "Euro City of Culture" in May. We appeared at the Philharmonic Hall. What a wonderful concert hall! It was really exciting for me to sing in such a place. We had a great evening and by the reaction of the audience so did they! We will be appearing next at Warwick Folk Festival on July 27th and then again at Stokes Bay (was Wickham) Festival on August 1st.

(iv) I've finally started on the two new recordings I hope to get out before the end of the year. This whole project is going to take time cos getting the people I want to play in the studio is proving difficult . They're all so busy and what's more the studio engineer is also a performing musician (with Kate Rusby's band) so when others are available he's not and vice versa! It can be a nightmare - but it'll happen I'm sure!

v) It is a busy summer and I hope to meet up with some of you at the many fesrtivals and clubs I'll be doing (see 'Concert Dates' again!)

So, let's hope the sun shines for a bit longer than the odd day and we get a bit of sustained warm weather. I hope to see you somewhere during the year - failing that, maybe in Sheffield on the 19th October?

Take care - Roy