A grandson and some other stuff!

Posted Jan 20, 2008

I hope you've had a good winter solstice and I wish you a a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.  The news for this month is the arrival of a new grandson, a beautiful and healthy boy with the name of Henry! Jessica has a baby brother and Siobahn and David a bonny son. So, as the song says "Welcome to the world". We're all delighted. A miracle indeed!

This year is my 50th year on the folk scene. It all began in 1958 with skiffle. My agent (Kit) is working on promoting a concert here in Sheffield to mark the year. I suspect she's thinking of September/October time? I have no idea as to the format or who might be involved but I'm hoping some friends will come and join us? If it happens I'll be sure to let you know. 

Whether this anniversary has anything to do with my diary I don't know but I'm delighted to see I'll be at quite a few Festivals as the year passes (see Concert Dates). I'm looking forward to these as I enjoy the opportunity to actually spend some time talking to friends which at clubs and concerts is often not possible. So please come and say hello if you happen to be where I am.

It is also possible I'll get the opportunity to meet up with friends in Canada and the USA this year cos I'm invited to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in July. Of all the festivals I've attended over the years and with no disrespect to any of the others, Vancouver has probably been the most influential as far as I'm concerned. It's where I've met and played with so many outstanding folk artists from around the world (including the UK). I first went to Vancouver in 1981 and subsequently every year til 1990 - ten fantastic years and a few times since, I think my last visit was 2002? This will be my final visit and I'll have an opportunity to say goodbye to my many friends there. I can't list all the artists I've met but they include some of my most precious moments, like sharing the stage with Billy Bragg and Pete Seeger. Pete actually got up and played banjo on one of my songs. I almost stopped singing, I was so excited! 

So let's hope this year sees some progress towards the kind of world I want my grandchildren to grow up in?   Take care and I look forward to meeting some of you through the course of the year?