Bits and Pieces cont…!

Posted Nov 18, 2007

I went to Bromyard Festival in September. How this has changed over the years! A fairly small affair in the field has turned into a large and bustling festival. Dick Dixon and his team have done a great job. I really enjoyed myself as did a few thousand others I think!

In October I went back to Faslane and the anti Trident protest. I was last there almost a year previously. This was to be the final day of the Faslane 365 event. A demonstration everyday, for a year. I joined David Ferrard in Edinburgh and he drove us both over. I met with Leon Rosselson and we sang a song together which was fun. It was 'a bright sunshiny day'. Somehow, on such days, the Trident base is rendered even more horrific. That such weapons of mass destruction can lie in such beautiful surroundings adds to our anger.

Into November and two significant events for me were the 'Raise Your Banners' festival, this year held in Bradford and 'Eloquent Protest' at The Trafalger Studios in London. RYB was a great success with people from all over this country and beyond. Rob Martin  and his team did a great job. On their own admission organisinbg a festival isn't something they had done before, yet they pulled it off with success and enthusiasm. Congratulations and thanks to them for their supreme efforts on behalf of us all.  'Eloquent Protest' is a peace or anti war concert organised by The Feelgood Theatre Company of Manchester. Held on Nov 11 (Armistice Day) at what used to be the Whitehall Theatre in Whitehall (!). Artists of various musical and dramatic styles contribute to the show. The Studio was small but full and the atmosphere was great. Tony welcomed the audience with a really moving short speech (had me in tears) and then, towards the end of the programme, he and I did a short excerpt from our show. The whole thing was very moving and was enthusiastically received by the audience. This is the second year of the show and it looks like becoming an annual event which will, hopefully, move into the larger of the two performance spaces?

I have just a few concerts left now before Xmas but then we start again in the new year.

All being well, one important event next year for me, will be a final and farewell trip to Canada and the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. I'm really looking forward to this. This Festival has been probably, the most important and influential festival of my career. 2008 will mark 50 years of performing around the folk club and festival network in the UK and across the world! From skiffle to .... whatever label you attach to me now?

So.... I wish you a merry Winter Solstice and a successful and peaceful new year.