Bits and Pieces!

Posted Nov 18, 2007

Days and weeks even months simply rush by and I can't believe the pace!  It seems only a  week or so since the summer rains came! Here we are in November with the shops full of xmas stuff.... it's been so for ages!  I've played quite a few festivals this year. The early ones were often wet and muddy but then the weather became more considerate and I managed to stay reasonably "tidy". I was really pleased to play at the Edinburgh Festival. This was with Tony Benn and The Writing on the Wall programme. The concert was great and we had a good time. I'm sure the audience did too judging by their response and their comments after. A friend, Matthew Kelly, who I hadn't seen for many years, was also playing in town, came along to the show. David Ferrard and I then went to his show at the Assembly Rooms. I also found myself 'doing the door' at David's one man show for the few nights when I was free. He played for about 26 consecutive nights and sold out each show! That's exhausting. Then to Fylde and Bewdley. The latter with John Kirkpatrick. I must say singing with John is wonderful. The drive and energy of his playing seems to energise me in a way no one else does. We're doing a tour togeher next year and I'm looking forward to that (see Concert Dates). I'm being called so I'll pause here and continue after dinner!