Mailing List

Posted Jul 29, 2007

I should apologise for failing to activate the mailing list and not sending a newsletter with general information. I  admit I'm not sure how to use the list? By definition everyone on the list has access to this web page and the news that might once have been contained in a Newsletter is now available here, including my concert dates with places and telephone data. It just seems to me that I would be duplicating the info?

We set up the mailing list when we established this new web page. Up to that point I had been snail-mailing information and I assumed I would continue. The new web page, however, seems to me to have rendered the Newslettert redundant.

However, if people would prefer the information in the form of a Newsletter please let me know and I'll try to send one? I also admit to not being very "computer literate", so learning how to send a single newsletter to the hundreds of you who have asked to be added to the mailing list is a bit daunting! I'll have to get my son to teach me (yet again!).

Please don't write to tell me it"s easy. It really is infuriating being told that something that is a complete mystery to me is to everyone else, "easy"!!!