The summer?

Posted Jul 26, 2007

It's been a long time since I made any comment or added to this diary.... Sorry.  Time seems to go ever faster as I get older. Is that because I'm going down hill?   It's mid July and surprise, surprise, it's raining!   Both Brampton Live and Trowbridge Festivals were threatened but the evening Tony and I were in Brampton was dry and everything went very well. Tony decided to get the overnight train back to London (1.40am!). I finally left him sleeping in the hotel lounge. The night porter kindly agreed to wake him should he descend into a deep sleep. I hope the rain held off over the weekend?  

I then drove down to Trowbridge and through some of the worst affected areas of floods. The trip was gladly, uneventful. Trowbridge was a bit muddy but the spirit was great. I guess that once you've got muddy, it doesn't matter any more and you stop worrying about it. Unfortunately, I was so concerned about getting covered in mud that I found myself tip-toeing around the site and couldn't quite relax. I didn't want to appear on stage covered in mud! 

I had a concert with Jim Page from the USA. Neither of us sure of what we were going to do, but it turned out OK (I think?). The reaction was enthusiastic. I then had a solo concert which I enjoyed and again the response was very positive. So what looked like it might be a somewhat damp and dismal weekend turned out to be really enjoyable. 

My congratulations to the organisers of both festivals. They must have been worried. My admiration also to the thousands of folk enthusiasts who turned out despite the weather and gave us all support and a great welcome.

Next stop is Edinburgh. Tony and I are doing our show at the Festival on Sunday afternoon, August 12th in St Cuthberts Church. For someone regarded as a militant atheist this is somewhat interesting for me. Actually, I prefer to think of myself as an evangelical atheist! Spreading the word as it were!
In the meantime bookings are coming in for the winter and new year, so you haven't got rid of me yet! Kit has gone off to the Cambridge Folk Festival where she's working.

A very pleasant event a few weeks ago was the wedding of Nancy Kerr & James Fagan. It was great fun and I caught up with the Fagan family again as they all came over. They're doing a few concerts before they return to OZ but Kate Fagan is staying on and appearing at some festivals this summer. If you get an opportunity, go see and hear her.

One final comment:  Val and I went to France (the Auvergne) during the worst of weeks and the best of weeks, the end of June. The worst: the rains came and Sheffield and elsewhere were deluged and many thousands of people were devastated by the flooding. The Best: Tony Blair WENT! We opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate his passing. The idea that he's going to assist in the peace process in the Middle East is laughable.  A war criminal telling the Palestinians to behave themselves and be like us! Is that arrogance or what?