Posted Dec 19, 2006

The opposition to Tony Blair's support for another "generation" of Trident, our sea based nuclear weapons, is being expressed by the Ploughshares blockade of the Faslane naval base. This is the "home" port for these submarines and their replacement in years to come. Angie Zelter, the remarkable woman who is at the centre of this movement invited me to join the blockade on the days identified for muscians and artists. I arrived in Glasgow on the evening of the 5th December. The Blockade was due the following day, the 6th December. A meal was provided followed by a meeting to discuss the days actions. I heard that Billy Bragg was in Glasgow and on tour. The day of the blockade he was due to appear in concert in Perth. I managed to contact him and told him of the blockade. Without hesitation he agreed to join us en route to the concert. Everyone was delighted and I got to sing a song with him, which was fun. It was an inspiring day. Sunny and very cold. Such a beautiful part of Scotland should not be the "home" for these horrific and useless weapons. If terrorism is our main "threat" then who do you nuke? It's nonsense.  At a predetermined time, Angie, together with Adrian Mitchell (poet), A.L.Kennedy (author), Hilary Wainwright (journalist) and others sat in the road and were promptly arrested by policmen and policewomen who didn't seem too keen on what they had to do! Indeed, I suspect they enjoyed the concert as much as the rest of us! Alistair Hulett had sung on the makeshift stage and had to get back to Glasgow. When I said "...and for my last song..." this was the signal for those who had decided to get themselves arrested, to act. I returned to Edinburgh with David Ferrard exhausted but pleased I had made a small contribution to the opposition to our WMDs!. It has been suggested we might attend a further demonstration next year. I probably will!  (see pics added to the Gallery).