MBE response & Concert4Palestine

Posted Oct 06, 2006

Since I made public my decision to return my MBE (22nd August) I have been really moved by the tremendous response from nearly 200 people in the form of emails, cards and word of mouth. Only one person from the USA was critical. To him I was clearly anti-semitic and that was that!  My thanks to  those of you who communicated your support. At Towersey Festival I received a standing ovation almost before I'd sung anything for the act and for what I had written. I was close to tears and worried I wouldn't be able to do the concert. I survived and the concert was a great joy to do. Thank you, ALL of you.

I was invited by the Palestine Support Committee here in Sheffield to do a benefit in support of childrens charities in Palestine. I readily agreed and asked Martin Simpson if he would join me. Without hesitation he agreed. So on Tuesday October 17th the Concert4Palestine will take place in the Memorial Hall at Sheffield City Hall. It has almost sold out and we're all excited about the event. The concert will be broadcast worldwide via the web. This means there are people in Palestine who will be able to listen (in real time) if they're prepared to stay up late! I think it will be recorded and played again sometime. If you're interested in listening, the web site to go to for instructions is: 
www.sheffieldpsc.org.uk/drupal/c4p_webcast  Also www.sheffieldpsc.org.uk/ypce.m3u   

I'm not exactly on top of this technology but this is what I've been told you do! Good luck!

I know of people who are travelling from different parts of the country to attend the concert - from London, Loughborough, Edinburgh and elsewhere. We'll do our best to make it a great evening to remember.